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About Us

Knafeh Queens began with a love for the Palestinian dessert knafeh that is traditionally served at weddings and special occasions. Growing up, owner Fatmah Muhammad learned how to make the sweet and savory dessert from her mother. It’s comprised of a crunchy outer layer with a rich cheesy filling, using a generations old recipe that was passed down to her when she was just 7 years old.
Fatmah has now handed the crown to her daughters; her eldest Rheyanah, who is her business partner, and her youngest Kareemah, who is the “baker in training.”
The award winning recipe started as a labor of love for Fatmah and her daughters,. After winning several award and pie contests, including the blue ribbon for best pie at the Orange County Fair and Second place ribbon at the Los Angeles county fair, Rheyanah mentioned to her mother that since friends and family were always asking them to bring their knafeh to events, they should be sharing it with everyone! The rest is history!
Thank you all for your continued support. Empowering daughters and providing them opportunities from a young age is of the greatest value and importance. We are honored to be serving royal happiness and unity with every bite!
The Knafeh Queens